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About Us


Attraction and retention of talents in Reggio Emilia: a very important challenge. Reggio Hub attracts highly qualified human capital, promoting the city of Reggio Emilia at international level. The territorial ecosystem, composed of enterprises, universities and public administration, aims at innovation to compete in the world and win the challenge of a new intelligent and sustainable economic development focused on people’s needs.


It is an integrated information system to ensure the direct contact between demand and offer of highly qualified and high-level work. Reggio Hub uses digital marketing strategies and tools to collect and make available job offers presented by local companies and opportunities for higher education and research. The Reggio Hub team monitors the need for specific skills by local companies, intercepts and interacts with potentially interested young students or professionals. Furthermore, according to a model of “City Brand Management”, it promotes the economic, cultural and social system of Reggio Emilia and its excellences.


Finding resources with talent and creativity represents a competitive advantage for businesses and the territory. The demand for specific skills by companies that focus on innovation is constantly growing, the objective difficulty in finding resources in the local area can represent a limit for the development of companies that compete internationally. Furthermore, companies and organizations are called to a cultural as well as technological change: intercultural exchange represents an advantage and a factor of potential growth.


Reggio Hub operates inside Reggiane Parco Innovazione, an European platform of services and functions with very high innovative potential for innovation, born from the regeneration of the historical Officine Meccaniche Reggiane. In the past, a workplace emblematic of the modernity and italian industrial growth of the twentieth century, and today, following the restoration of the original structures, a technological-hub, with a scientific and humanistic nature, which brings together Universities and research centers, businesses, public administration in a unique and suggestive location between past and future. This is the hearth of the entire territorial system aimed at the development of industrial research and technology transfer, at the birth of new companies, at the growth of the existing ones and at the attraction of skills and creative talents. While the redevelopment of the area is underway, the first core of the Park is already operational and it consists of two research centres and a cluster of important innovative companies: the International Centre Loris Malaguzzi for education (inaugurated in 2011), the Technopole of the High Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna Region (inaugurated in 2013) and the Shed #18 (inaugurated in 2019).