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Credem Bank

Credem, one of the leading Italian private companies, is a modern bank with a century-old tradition. The institute was founded in 1910, on the initiative of Reggio entrepreneurs, with the name of “Banca Agricola Commerciale di Reggio Emilia”. The current name of “Credito Emiliano SpA”, shortly Credem, was taken in 1983 coinciding with the acquisition of “Banca Belinzaghi of Milan”, the first opportunity for significant growth outside the regional borders.
Today Credem is present at national level in 19 regions; this spread was achieved both through the opening of new branches and through the acquisition of small and medium-sized banks, to which it has turned its interest since the early 90s.

Credem has always combined technological innovation and individual customer needs. Thanks to the intense work of specialists constantly committed not only to meeting the needs of customers, but to anticipate them, creating new services and new skills. This is made possible by an exclusive way of “DO BANCA” based essentially on listening to the customer. In this way highly customized services have been developed for both private customers and business customers.