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The Generali S.p.A. group is the largest insurance company in Italy and Europe.

Generali Italia offers the most complete range of insurance solutions: from savings, pension and personal and family protection policies to complex plans for multinationals; from retail coverage for motor vehicle liability, for housing, accidents and health, up to sophisticated solutions for all commercial and industrial risks.

Since 2012, Generali Reggio Emilia Giambellino has been entrusted to the management of the agent Massimo Neri, assisted by a staff of over 30 people. The Generali Reggio Emilia Giambellino team helps customers to defend and protect what is dearest and most important to them: their family, their standard of living, their income, their assets, their profession, their business.

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Junior account

[COMPANY: GENERALI] Agenzia Generali Reggio Emilia Giambellino is looking for motivated, ambitious and determined candidates, with strong communication skills and a marked aptitude for interpersonal relationships to start the career of Insurance and Financial Specialist Consultants.