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Lovemark S.r.l

Lovemark is a web marketing company based in Reggio Emilia that operates in the field of digital communication. Lovemark is a leader in the offer of web marketing services on the Italian market with important experience in heterogeneous industrial sectors and a strong seniority of internal resources and expertise.
We design digital communication actions supporting, through a consultative approach, the potential of companies in the B2B and B2C fields, building a web marketing plan based on data and analysis. Aware of the mutability of the sector in which we operate, we carefully study the market trends and the evolution of services to be the ideal partner.
Lovemark is a 360 ° digital company: the most innovative technological solutions and products, together with the analytical skills and creativity of our team, allow us to achieve concrete and measurable objectives.
The strength of our projects is total customization: we propose solutions by step, with customized digital strategies and dedicated products to improve the business of those who choose us as partners. We value the customer experience and its involvement, working in synergy with the marketing and sales department. Being also teachers and trainers for various institutions, we share in the classroom our best experiences and the communicative revolution of digital marketing.

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