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MOSS (est. 1967) is an Italian-based world leading manufacturer of silk-screen and dry-offset printing systems for the decoration of plastic and aluminum items and containers.

MOSS has extended its range of equipment to include automatic and CNC models, multipurpose machines for ancillary operations on flexible tubes and pails, heat-transfer pail labelers, which are able to offer very high technology and top-quality performances.

These are the fields in which MOSS machines represent the right answer to the requests for dependability, high performance, and first-class decoration:

  • cosmetics (flexible and rigid plastic tubes, lipstick cases, bottles and caps for mascara, deodorant sticks, eyeliner pens, jars).
  • beverage (plastic, aluminum, and tin closures for wine and spirits, or plastic caps for water and soft drinks).
  • pharmaceutical (flexible and rigid plastic tubes, bottles, syringes, vials, measuring cups).
  • Industrial products (buckets/pails, jars, caulking tubes).

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