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Side Soft

Since 1998, we have been helping companies grow with innovative solutions for the effective management of information and data.

The key to the success of our applications is customisation: we design really dedicated software for the individual clients. We are convinced that the only way to create safe and high-performing IT solutions is to work closely with the client in order to grasp their internal dynamics and needs, and thus achieve made-to-measure products.

To reach this objective we assign to every project a work team consisting of people who dedicate themselves to the client with the same enthusiasm with which they cultivate their own passions.

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Back-end developer

[COMPANY: SIDE SOFT] We are hiring a Back-end Developer for joining our IT team. Your responsibility will be to develop and maintain the server-side of our customers applications. Our ideal candidates will be good at programming with a passion for creating new applications as well as making the existing ones better.