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Way S.r.l

Way’s mission is to help companies control and improve their performance in today’s turbulent competitive environment, making sure that anyone can have the information they are looking for at the right time and in the right place.
Way is specialized in Performance Analysis projects through Business Intelligence tools; it operates in the market of medium-sized companies or in vertical projects for large organizations. In practice, the company guarantees the tranquillity of always knowing what is happening.

In order to guarantee a simple and timely performance view it is necessary to work on three closely linked levels:

  • Management control:

The guarantee of a top-down view of the company through a timely and automated management Report, as well as Budget Revenues and Costs, Financial Reporting, Analytical and Industrial Accounting.

  • Process analysis:

Build a simple and clear analysis system on Sales, Credits, Orders, Margins, Production, Logistics, Warehouse and Human Resources in order to have everything under control.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics:

In the modern competitive context it is necessary to have a clear and timely vision of the necessary information. For this, Way uses tools that guarantee speed and simplicity as well as support in interpreting what is happening.

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