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The Companies

The companies of Reggio Emilia represent one of the main actors of the HUB project. They support REGGIO HUB, on one hand doing a periodic check of the search for foreign talent, on the other hand sponsoring the project with the intent of receiving the highest possible number of interactions with the desired target, promoting the context of Reggio Emilia and its excellences.

In this perspective, the role of companies in Reggio Emilia context seems strategic as they are the second target audience: the project aims to provide a unique service to companies by positioning the work team and the web platform as a connector of experiences and opportunities.

In this way, the companies of Reggio Emilia come into contact with young individuals who can become important resources in the business contexts of the Reggio Emilia environment, offering these foreign talents not only the opportunity and the possibility to become part of the Reggio Emilia environment, but also to undertake a real work experience.